gsmjustoncct BSTdongle for HTC SAMSUNG unlock screen S3 S5 9500 lock repair IMEI read NVM EFS
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gsmjustoncct BSTdongle for HTC SAMSUNG unlock screen S3 S5 9500 lock repair IMEI read NVM EFS

gsmjustoncct BSTdongle for HTC SAMSUNG unlock display S3 S5 9500 lock restore IMEI learn NVM/EFS ROOT report date Finest Sensible dongle

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New updates: Added:


New updates :

BST Dongle V3.27.05 Launched

[Samsung]> Added SM-G860P Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)MEID/EFS/QCN/Write Cert> Added SM-G890A Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/Write Cert> Added SM-J5008 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert> Added SM-J500Y Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert> Added SM-J500F Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert> Added SM-J500FN Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert> Added SM-J500H Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert> Added SM-J500G Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert> Added SM-J500M Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert> Added SM-J500N0 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert> Added SM-J7008 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert> Added SM-J700F Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/Write Cert> Added SM-J700H Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/Write Cert> Added SM-J700M Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/Write Cert> Added SM-G9198 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert (Beta)> Added SM-G9287 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/Write Cert> Added SM-G9287C Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/Write Cert> Added SM-G928A Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/Write Cert> Added SM-G928C Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/Write Cert> Added SM-G928F Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/Write Cert> Added SM-G928G Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/Write Cert> Added SM-G928I Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/Write Cert> Added SM-G928Okay Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/Write Cert> Added SM-G928L Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/Write Cert> Added SM-G928S Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/Write Cert> Added SM-G928T Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/Write Cert> Added SM-G928W8 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/Write Cert> Added SM-G9280 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert> Added SM-G928P Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)MEID/EFS/QCN/Write Cert (Beta)> Added SM-G928R4 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)MEID/EFS/QCN/Write Cert (Beta)> Added SM-G928V Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)MEID/EFS/QCN/Write Cert (Beta)> Added SM-N920A Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/Write Cert> Added SM-N9208 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/Write Cert> Added SM-N920C Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/Write Cert> Added SM-N920F Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/Write Cert> Added SM-N920G Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/Write Cert> Added SM-N920I Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/Write Cert> Added SM-N920Okay Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/Write Cert> Added SM-N920L Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/Write Cert> Added SM-N920S Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/Write Cert> Added SM-N920T Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/Write Cert> Added SM-N920W8 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/Write Cert> Added SM-N9200 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert> Added SM-N920P Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)MEID/EFS/QCN/Write Cert (Beta)> Added SM-N920R4 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)MEID/EFS/QCN/Write Cert (Beta)> Added SM-N920V Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)MEID/EFS/QCN/Write Cert (Beta)> Added SM-A300F *OneKey Restoration(> Added SM-A300FU *OneKey Restoration(> Added SM-A300H *OneKey Restoration(> Added SM-G920R4 *OneKey Restoration(5.1.x)> Added SM-G925L *OneKey Restoration(5.1.x)> Added SM-G925R4 *OneKey Restoration(5.1.x)> Added SM-G9280 *OneKey Restoration(5.1.x)> Added SM-G9287 *OneKey Restoration(5.1.x)> Added SM-J700H *OneKey Restoration(5.1.x)> Added SM-J700F *OneKey Restoration(5.1.x)> Added SM-J700M *OneKey Restoration(5.1.x)> Added SM-N9200 *OneKey Restoration(5.1.x)> Added SM-N9208 *OneKey Restoration(5.1.x)

[MTK]> Added MTK6732/6732M Learn Data> Added MTK6735/6735M Learn Data> Added MTK6732/6732M Allow USB Debug> Added MTK6735/6735M Allow USB Debug> Added MTK6732/6732M Take away ScreenLock (w/o USB Debug, w/o Root)> Added MTK6735/6735M Take away ScreenLock (w/o USB Debug, w/o Root)
Fastened:> Added Samsung cert file confirm when writing cert> Added Samsung “Learn KeyID” possibility (Samsung > Service > Misc.)> Added Samsung “Confirm Cellphone Cert” possibility (Samsung > Service > Misc.)> Added Samsung “Allow QC DIAG” possibility (Samsung > Service > Misc.)> Added Samsung “Allow All Languages” possibility (Samsung > Service > Misc.)> Fastened Samsung can’t restore model setting after uart cable learn data> Optimized MTK Root> Optimized MTK Allow USB Debug

BST Dongle V3.27.00 Launched

> Added SM-A8000 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert> Added SM-A800F Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/Write Cert> Added SM-A800YZ Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/Write Cert> Added SM-A800S Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/Write Cert> Added SM-A7000 Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert> Added SM-A7009 Unlock/Tremendous(MEID/IMEI)/EFS/QCN/Write Cert> Added SM-A700FD Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert> Added SM-A700F Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/Write Cert> Added SM-A700H Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert> Added SM-A700Okay Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert> Added SM-A700L Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert> Added SM-A700S Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert> Added SM-A700YD Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert> Added SM-G900T3 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert> Added SM-A903F Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/Write Cert> Added SM-A903FD Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/Write Cert> Added SM-A903M Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/Write Cert> Added SM-G360T Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert> Added SM-G360T1 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert> Added SM-N910T2 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert> Added SM-N910T3 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert> Added SHV-E210Okay Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/Write Cert> Added SHV-E210L Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/Write Cert> Added SHV-E210S Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/Write Cert> Added SHV-E250Okay Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/QCN> Added SHV-E250L Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/QCN> Added SHV-E250S Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/QCN> Added SHV-E270Okay Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/Write Cert> Added SHV-E270L Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/Write Cert> Added SHV-E270S Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/Write Cert> Added SHV-E470S Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert> Added SHV-E500L Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/Write Cert> Added SHV-E500S Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/Write Cert> Added SM-T315 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/QCN> Added SM-T315T Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/QCN> Added SM-T321 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert> Added SM-T325 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert> Added SM-T350 Flash/ScreenLock/EFS/QCN> Added SM-T355 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert> Added SM-T355C Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert> Added SM-T355Y Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert> Added SM-T360 Flash/ScreenLock/EFS/QCN> Added SM-T365 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert> Added SM-T365F0 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert> Added SM-T365M Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert> Added SM-T365Y Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert> Added GT-P3108 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/Write Cert> Added GT-P5200 Flash/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/Write Cert> Added GT-P5220 Flash/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/Write Cert> Added GT-I9508 *OneKey Restoration(> Added SM-A8000 *OneKey Restoration(5.1.x)

[HTC]> Added One (M7_U) *OneKey Restoration(four.three/four.four.x)
[MTK]> Added MTK67xx assist> Added MTK6752/MTK6753 Learn Data> Added MTK6752/MTK6753 Allow USB Debug> Added MTK6752/MTK6753 Take away ScreenLock (w/o USB Debug, w/o Root)

Fastened:> Fastened samsung AKSEED bugs for marvell/Korea model> Optimized samsung write cert (superIMEI)> Optimized samsung marvell model imei restore

> Added SM-A5000 Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert
> Added SM-A5009 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/Tremendous(MEID/IMEI)/EFS/QCN/Write Cert
> Added SM-A500F Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert
> Added SM-A500F1 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert
> Added SM-A500FU Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert
> Added SM-A500G Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert
> Added SM-A500H Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert
> Added SM-A500Okay Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert
> Added SM-A500L Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert
> Added SM-A500M Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert
> Added SM-A500S Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert
> Added SM-A500Y Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert
> Added SM-A500YZ Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert
> Added SM-N915V Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)MEID/EFS/QCN/Write Cert
> Added SM-G900V Unlock/(Tremendous)MEID/EFS/QCN/Write Cert
> Added SM-N910CQ Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/Write Cert
> Added SM-G710 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert
> Added SM-G7102T Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert
> Added SM-G7105H Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert
> Added SM-G710Okay Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert
> Added SM-G710L Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert
> Added SM-G710S Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert
> Added GT-I9506 Unlock/IMEI/EFS/QCN
> Added SM-G3502 Flash/Unlock/IMEI/EFS
> Added SM-G3502U Flash/Unlock/IMEI/EFS
> Added SM-G350E Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/Write Cert
> Added SM-G3502C Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert
> Added SM-G3502I Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert
> Added SM-G3502L Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert
> Added SM-G3502T Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert
> Added SM-G350L Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert
> Added SM-G350M Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert
> Added SM-G3518 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert
> Added SM-G3556D Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert
> Added SM-G3558 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert
> Added SM-G3559 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)MEID/EFS/QCN/Write Cert
> Added SM-G355H Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/Write Cert
> Added SM-G355HN Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/Write Cert
> Added SM-G355HQ Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/Write Cert
> Added SM-G355M Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/Write Cert
> Added SM-G357FZ Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert
> Added SM-G3586V Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert
> Added SM-G3588V Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert
> Added SM-G3589W Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/Tremendous(MEID/IMEI)/EFS/QCN/Write Cert
> Added GT-S7275 Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert
> Added GT-S7275B Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert
> Added GT-S7275R Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert
> Added GT-S7275T Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert
> Added GT-S7275Y Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert
> Added GT-N7108 Unlock/IMEI/EFS
> Added SGH-T399N Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/Write Cert
> Added SM-T110 Flash/ScreenLock/EFS
> Added SM-T110X Flash/ScreenLock/EFS
> Added SM-T111 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS
> Added SM-T111M Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS
> Added SM-T111NQ Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS
> Added SM-T113 Flash/ScreenLock/EFS
> Added SM-T116 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS
> Added SM-T116NU Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS
> Added SM-T116NY Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS
> Added SM-T116NY Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS
> Added SM-T330 Flash/ScreenLock/EFS/QCN
> Added SM-T330NU Flash/ScreenLock/EFS/QCN
> Added SM-T331 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert
> Added SM-T331C Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert
> Added SM-T332 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert
> Added SM-T335 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert
> Added SM-T335Okay Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert
> Added SM-T335L Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert
> Added SM-T337A Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert
> Added SM-T337T Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert
> Added SM-T337V Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)MEID/EFS/QCN/Write Cert
> Added SM-T530 Flash/ScreenLock/EFS/QCN
> Added SM-T531 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert
> Added SM-T532 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert
> Added SM-T533 Flash/ScreenLock/EFS/QCN
> Added SM-T535 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert
> Added SM-T537A Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/QCN/Write Cert
> Added SM-T537R4 Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)MEID/EFS/QCN/Write Cert
> Added SM-T537V Flash/ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)MEID/EFS/QCN/Write Cert

> Added Redmi 2 (WCDMA) ScreenLock/OneKey Restoration
> Added Redmi 2 (CDMA) ScreenLock/OneKey Restoration
> Added Redmi 2 (TD-LTE) ScreenLock/OneKey Restoration

> Added samsung qualcomm direct unlock (no want root, no want wipe efs, no unique imei loss)
> Added samsung learn KeyID by way of uart communication
> Added xiaomi onekey restoration methodology choose possibility
> Fastened winxp compatibility issues
> Fastened set up path comprises chinese language listing downside
> Optimized samsung wipe efs possibility (fastened fingerprint downside after wipe efs)
> Optimized samsung MEID restore

Assist Samsung NOTE4 take away screenlock w/o usb debug, w/o root, w/o userdata loss!
Assist MTK(MTK6577, MTK6582) learn data, allow usb debug, take away screenlock w/o usb debug, w/o root, w/o userdata loss!

> Added SM-N9002 Flash/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/*HW
> Added SM-N9008S Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/*HW
> Added SM-N900Okay Flash/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/*HW
> Added SM-N900L Flash/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/*HW
> Added SM-N900S Flash/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/*HW
> Added SM-N7502 Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/*HW
> Added SM-N7506V Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/*HW
> Added SM-N7508V Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/*HW (Beta)
> Added SM-G3815 Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/*HW
> Added SM-G9092 Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/*HW
> Added SM-G9098 Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/*HW (Beta)
> Added SM-N9100 Flash/*ScreenLock
> Added SM-N9106W Flash/*ScreenLock
> Added SM-N9109W Flash/*ScreenLock
> Added SM-N9108V Flash/*ScreenLock
> Added SM-N910C Flash/*ScreenLock
> Added SM-N910U Flash/*ScreenLock
> Added SM-N9100 *OneKey Restoration
> Added SM-N9106W *OneKey Restoration
> Added SM-N9109W *OneKey Restoration
> Added SM-N9108V *OneKey Restoration
> Added SM-N910C *OneKey Restoration
> Added SM-N910U *OneKey Restoration
> Added SM-N9002 *OneKey Restoration
> Added SM-N900A *OneKey Restoration
> Added SM-N900Okay *OneKey Restoration
> Added SM-N900L *OneKey Restoration
> Added SM-N900S *OneKey Restoration
> Added SM-N7506V *OneKey Restoration
> Added SM-N7508V *OneKey Restoration
> Added SM-N7105 *OneKey Restoration

> Added MTK6577 Learn Data
> Added MTK6582 Learn Data
> Added MTK6577 Allow USB Debug
> Added MTK6582 Allow USB Debug
> Added MTK6577 Take away ScreenLock (w/o USB Debug, w/o Root)
> Added MTK6582 Take away ScreenLock (w/o USB Debug, w/o Root)

> Optimized Xiaomi MI3 (TD-SCDMA) ScreenLock operation

* Methods to Unlock and IMEI Restore for Samsung (qualcomm) note3/s5:
Ideas: this operation will likely be loss telephone imei, counsel backup efs & nvm earlier than any operation.
1). Write Default EFS
2). Write SuperIMEI
three). Put SIM card and examine community, do “Restore 3G” if no community.

Assist S5 (qualcomm) unlock and imei restore, backup telephone unique efs earlier than do operation, its will loss unique imei!
Assist MTK(MTK6589, MTK6575) learn data, allow usb debug, take away screenlock w/o usb debug, w/o root, w/o userdata loss!
Assist Xiaomi MI1/MI1-Youth/MI1S-Youth/MI2/MI2A/MI4W, take away screenlock w/o usb debug, w/o root, w/o userdata loss!

> Added SM-G900F Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/*HW
> Added SM-G9006V Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/*HW
> Added SM-G9006W Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/*HW
> Added SM-G9008V Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/*HW
> Added SM-G9008W Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/*HW
> Added SM-G900A Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/*HW
> Added SM-G900FD Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/*HW
> Added SM-G900Okay Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/*HW
> Added SM-G900L Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/*HW
> Added SM-G900MD Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/*HW
> Added SM-G900S Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/*HW
> Added SM-G900T Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/*HW
> Added SM-G900T1 Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/*HW
> Added SM-G900V Flash/*ScreenLock
> Added SM-N9008V Flash/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/*HW
> Added GT-I9301I Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/*HW
> Added SM-G7102 Flash/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/*HW
> Added SM-G7106 Flash/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/*HW
> Added SM-G7108 Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/*HW
> Added SM-G7109 Flash/*ScreenLock
> Added SCH-I809 Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/*HW
> Added SCH-I909 Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/*HW
> Added SCH-I919 Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/*HW
> Added SM-N9008V *OneKey Restoration
> Added SM-G900F *OneKey Restoration
> Added SM-G900FD *OneKey Restoration
> Added SM-G9006W *OneKey Restoration
> Added SM-G9008W *OneKey Restoration

> Added Xiaomi 1 (WCDMA) ScreenLock/*OneKey Restoration
> Added Xiaomi 1 (Youth) ScreenLock/*OneKey Restoration
> Added Xiaomi 1S (Youth) ScreenLock/*OneKey Restoration
> Added Xiaomi 2 (WCDMA) ScreenLock/*OneKey Restoration
> Added Xiaomi 2A (WCDMA) ScreenLock/*OneKey Restoration
> Added Xiaomi 4W (WCDMA) ScreenLock/*OneKey Restoration

> Added MTK Module assist
> Added MTK6575 Learn Data
> Added MTK6589 Learn Data
> Added MTK6575 Allow USB Debug
> Added MTK6589 Allow USB Debug
> Added MTK6575 Take away ScreenLock (w/o USB Debug, w/o Root)
> Added MTK6589 Take away ScreenLock (w/o USB Debug, w/o Root)

> Fastened can’t detect comm port bugs
> Optimized Samsung Flashing operate

* About Samsung Galaxy S5 (Qualcomm) Unlock and IMEI Restore, please Write Default EFS after which restore 3G community, after performed do operation > First in World SM-N750 Flash/*ScreenLock/*Unlock/*(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/*HW > First in World SM-N7505 *Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/*HW > First in World SM-N7505L *Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/*HW > First in World SCH-W999 Flash/*ScreenLock/MEID/IMEI/*HW > First in World SCH-W899 Flash/*ScreenLock/MEID/IMEI/*HW (Beta) > First in World SM-G900Okay Flash/*ScreenLock/*OneKey Restoration > First in World SM-G900L Flash/*ScreenLock/*OneKey Restoration > First in World SHV-E330Okay Flash/*ScreenLock/*OneKey Restoration > First in World SHV-E330L Flash/*ScreenLock/*OneKey Restoration > First in World SHV-E330S Flash/*ScreenLock/*OneKey Restoration > First in World SM-G9092 Flash/*ScreenLock > First in World SM-G9098 Flash/*ScreenLock > First in World SM-G3508I Flash/*ScreenLock > First in World SM-G900A *OneKey Restoration > First in World SM-G900S *OneKey Restoration [HTC] > First in World One (M8D) Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock Bootloader > First in World One (M8E) Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock Bootloader > First in World One (E8/M8ST) Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock Bootloader > First in World One (E8/M8SW) Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock Bootloader > First in World Flyer (P510E) Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock Bootloader > First in World Unimaginable S (S715E) Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock Bootloader > First in World Need XC (T329D) Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock Bootloader > First in World Need VT (T329T) Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock Bootloader > First in World Need X (T329W) Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock Bootloader [Xiaomi] > First in World Xiaomi C1 (CDMA) ScreenLock/*OneKey Restoration Fastened: > “Auto-Clear” possibility moved to “Residence” > “Settings” tabs Info: * For software program screenshot simpler, added “Take a screenshot” possibility Added: [Samsung] > First in World SM-N900P Flash/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/*HW/*OneKey Restoration > First in World SM-N900W8 Flash/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/*HW/*OneKey Restoration > First in World SM-N7500 Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/*HW > First in World SM-N7500Q Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/*HW > First in World SM-N7507 Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/*HW > First in World SM-P601 Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/*HW > First in World SM-P602 Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/*HW > First in World SM-P901 Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/*HW > First in World SM-T520 Flash/*ScreenLock/EFS/*HW > First in World SM-T805 Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/*HW > First in World SM-T805C Flash/*ScreenLock/*Unlock/*(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/*HW > First in World SM-T805Y Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/*HW > First in World SM-T805M Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/*HW > First in World SM-T705 Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/*HW > First in World SM-T705C Flash/*ScreenLock/*Unlock/*(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/*HW > First in World SM-T705Y Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/*HW > First in World SM-T705M Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/(Tremendous)IMEI/EFS/*HW > First in World SPH-L720 Flash/*ScreenLock/*OneKey Restoration > First in World SPH-L720T Flash/*ScreenLock/*OneKey Restoration > First in World SM-N7506V Flash/*ScreenLock > First in World SM-N7502 Flash/*ScreenLock [HTC] > Added HTC Change CID/SuperCID (S-OFF wanted) > First in World One (801C/Dash) Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock Bootloader > First in World One (M7/Verizon) Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock Bootloader > First in World One (M7/Japan) Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock Bootloader > First in World One (801N/801S) Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock Bootloader > First in World Need SV (T326E) Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock Bootloader > First in World One X (X325A/LTE) Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock Bootloader > First in World One X+ (Evitare/LTE) Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock Bootloader > First in World Need HD (Z510D) Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock Bootloader Fastened: > Fastened Restore 3G going through crimson phrase bugs > Optimized delay occasions of the change samsung mode operation Added: [Samsung] > Added GT-I8262 Unlock / IMEI / EFS / * HW (Beta) > Added GT-I8262D Unlock / IMEI / EFS / * HW > Added GT-I8552 Unlock / IMEI / EFS / * HW > Added GT-S7572 Unlock / IMEI / EFS / * HW > First in World GT-P1000L Flash / * ScreenLock / Unlock / IMEI / EFS / * HW > First in World GT-P1000M Flash / * ScreenLock / Unlock / IMEI / EFS / * HW > First in World GT-P1000N Flash / * ScreenLock / Unlock / IMEI / EFS / * HW > First in World GT-P1000T Flash / * ScreenLock / Unlock / IMEI / EFS / * HW > First in World SM-G9006V Flash / * ScreenLock > First in World SM-G9008V Flash / * ScreenLock > First in World SM-G9009D Flash / * ScreenLock > First in World SM-G900F Flash / * ScreenLock > First in World SM-G900H Flash / * ScreenLock > First in World SM-G900I Flash / * ScreenLock > First in World SM-T210 Flash / * ScreenLock > First in World SM-T210L Flash / * ScreenLock [HTC] > First in World Need (609D) Flash / * ScreenLock / Unlock Bootloader > First in World Need (608T) Flash / * ScreenLock / Unlock Bootloader > First in World Need (606W) Flash / * ScreenLock / Unlock Bootloader > First in World Need (301E) Flash / * ScreenLock / Unlock Bootloader > First in World Need (5060) Flash / * ScreenLock / Unlock Bootloader > First in World Need (5088) Flash / * ScreenLock / Unlock Bootloader > First in World Need U (T327D) Flash / * ScreenLock / Unlock Bootloader > First in World Need U (T327T) Flash / * ScreenLock / Unlock Bootloader > First in World Need U (T327W) Flash / * ScreenLock / Unlock Bootloader Fastened: > Optimized for HTC drive allow usb debugging possibility > Fastened GT-I9502 prolonged EFS for 2nd sim card community issues Finest Sensible Instruments (BST) – Excellent Options: – World’s first, Assist Samsung take away display lock w / o usb debugging, w / o root, do not misplaced userdata. – World’s first, Assist Samsung, HTC backup userdata (Contacts, SMS) w / o usb debugging, w / o root. – World’s first, Assist Samsung SuperIMEI Backup / Restore for I9500, I9300, N7100, P3100, N8000, N5100 … – World’s first, Assist Samsung Restore IMEI for Galaxy S4 GT-I9500. – World’s first, Assist HTC take away display lock with out usb debugging, do not misplaced userdata. – World’s first, Assist Android JB (four.2/four.three), solved Android JB (four.2/four.three) unlock failed, adb offline downside. Finest Sensible Instruments (BST) – Product Options: – New software program GUI extra Simple-to-Use. – Learn full info from all supported fashions. – One-Click on login to assist space from the BST major software program. – Automated set up telephone driver by way of Driver helper saving your time. – Routinely match model once you click on the “Scan” button. – Excessive pace communication with telephone saving your time. – Full operation ideas when click on telephone thumbnail photos for every model. – Multi-language major software program interface, you possibly can add native language pack in case you want. – Supported backup / restore / erase userdata with out root (Contacts, SMS) – Supported OS: Home windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Win7 (embody x86 and x64 platforms). – Appropriate with common interface and UART cable. – BST Based mostly on firmware safety design. – Common and On-line software program replace and firmware upgrades. – Software program will robotically inform you when have new updates. Finest Sensible Instruments (BST) – Supported Fashions & Options: # SAMSUNG / Assist Fashions & Options: Samsung options: – Studying full info by way of ADB or MTP interface – Protected and quick flashing – supported tar, md5, smd, img, bin, rfs and many others information format. – Take away display lock w / o usb debugging, w / o root, do not misplaced userdata (assist re-lock). – Unlock / Learn all unlock codes. – Restore broken IMEI, backup / restore SuperIMEI. – Restore baseband unknown. – Learn / write EFS, NVM, PIT information – Restore SN, Cal Date, BT Addr, WiFi MAC, Product Code, HW Model and many others – Auto attempt to root when operation want rooted – Restore Boot SDCard – brick telephone restore – App2SD – Manufacturing unit reset Samsung fashions: EK-GC100, EK-KC100S, GT-B5330, GT-B5330B, GT-B5330L, GT-B5510, GT-B5510B, GT-B5510L, GT-B5512, GT-B5512B, GT-B7510, GT-B7510L, GT- B7800, GT-B9062, GT-B9120, GT-I5500, GT-I5500B, GT-I5500L, GT-I5500M, GT-I5503, GT-I5503T, GT-I5508, GT-I5510, GT-I5510L, GT-I5510M, GT-I5510T, GT-I5700, GT-I5700L, GT-I5700R, GT-I5800, GT-I5800L, GT-I5801, GT-I7500, GT-I7500H, GT-I7500L, GT-I7500U, GT-I8150, GT- I8150B, GT-I8150T, GT-I8160, GT-I8160L, GT-I8160P, GT-I8190, GT-I8190L, GT-I8190N, GT-I8190T, GT-I8250, GT-I8530, GT-I9000, GT-I9000B, GT-I9000M, GT-I9000T, GT-I9001, GT-I9003, GT-I9003L, GT-I9008L, GT-I9010, GT-I9020, GT-I9020A, GT-I9020T, GT-I9023, GT-I9050, GT- I9070, GT-I9070P, GT-I9088, GT-I9100, GT-I9100G, GT-I9100M, GT-I9100P, GT-I9100T, GT-I9103, GT-I9105, GT-I9105P, GT-I9108, GT-I9210, GT-I9210T, GT-I9220, GT-I9228, GT-I9250, GT-I9250M, GT-I9260, GT-I9300, GT-I9300T, GT-I9305, GT-I9305N, GT-I9305T, GT-I9308, GT- I9500, GT-I9505, GT-N5100, GT-N5110, GT-N5120, GT-N7000, GT-N7000B, GT-N7005, GT-N7100, GT-N7100T, GT-N7102, GT-N7105, GT-N7105T, GT-N7108, GT-N8000, GT-N8005, GT-N8010, GT-N8013, GT-N8020, GT-P1000, GT-P1000L, GT-P1000M, GT-P1000N, GT-P1000T, GT-P1010, GT- P3100, GT-P3100B, GT-P3105, GT-P3110, GT-P3113, GT-P5100, GT-P5110, GT-P5113, GT-P6200, GT-P6200L, GT-P6201, GT-P6210, GT-P6211, GT-P6800, GT-P6810, GT-P7100, GT-P7300, GT-P7300B, GT-P7310, GT-P7320, GT-P7320T, GT-P7500, GT-P7500D, GT-P7500M, GT-P7500R, GT- P7501, GT-P7510, GT-P7560, GT-S5300, GT-S5300B, GT-S5301, GT-S5302, GT-S5302B, GT-S5303, GT-S5360, GT-S5360B, GT-S5360L, GT-S5360T, GT-S5363, GT-S5367, GT-S5368, GT-S5369, GT-S5570, GT-S5570B, GT-S5570I, GT-S5570L, GT-S5578, GT-S5660, GT-S5660L, GT-S5660M, GT- S5660V, GT-S5670, GT-S5670L, GT-S5690, GT-S5690L, GT-S5690M, GT-S5690R, GT-S5698, GT-S5830, GT-S5830B, GT-S5830C, GT-S5830I, GT-S5830L, GT-S5830M, GT-S5830T, GT-S5838, GT-S5839I, GT-S6010, GT-S6010L, GT-S6012, GT-S6012B, GT-S6102, GT-S6102B, GT-S6102E, GT-S6108, GT- S6310, GT-S6310N, GT-S6312, GT-S6352, GT-S6358, GT-S6500, GT-S6500D, GT-S6500L, GT-S6500T, GT-S6800, GT-S6802, GT-S6802B, GT-S6810, GT-S6810P, GT-S7500, GT-S7500L, GT-S7508, GT-S7562, GT-S7562I, GT-S7562L, GT-S7710, ISW11SC, SC-01C, SC-01D, SC-01E, SC-02B, SC-02C, SC-02D, SC-02E, SC-03D, SC-03E, SC-04D, SC-05D, SC-06D, SCH-I200, SCH-I400, SCH-I405, SCH-I405U, SCH- I415, SCH-I500, SCH-I509, SCH-I510, SCH-I515, SCH-I535, SCH-I559, SCH-I569, SCH-I579, SCH-I589, SCH-I605, SCH-I659, SCH-I699, SCH-I809, SCH-I889, SCH-I899, SCH-I909, SCH-I919, SCH-I925, SCH-I925U, SCH-I939, SCH-L710, SCH-M828C, SCH-N719, SCH-R530, SCH- R530M, SCH-R530U, SCH-R680, SCH-R720, SCH-R760, SCH-R830, SCH-R910, SCH-R915, SCH-R920, SCH-R930, SCH-R950, SCH-R970, SCH-R970C, SCH-S720C, SCH-W2013, SCH-W899, SCH-W999, SGH-I317, SGH-I317M, SGH-I337, SGH-I337M, SGH-I437, SGH-I497, SGH-I547, SGH-I577, SGH- I717, SGH-I717D, SGH-I717R, SGH-I727, SGH-I727R, SGH-I747, SGH-I747M, SGH-I757M, SGH-I777, SGH-I827, SGH-I827D, SGH-I847, SGH-I857, SGH-I897, SGH-I927, SGH-I927R, SGH-I957, SGH-I957D, SGH-I957M, SGH-I987, SGH-I997, SGH-I997R, SGH-IT999, SGH-M919, SGH-T499, SGH- T499Y, SGH-T589, SGH-T589R, SGH-T679, SGH-T679M, SGH-T759, SGH-T769, SGH-T779, SGH-T859, SGH-T869, SGH-T879, SGH-T889, SGH-T889V, SGH-T939, SGH-T959, SGH-T959D, SGH-T959P, SGH-T959V, SGH-T989, SGH-T989D, SGH-T999, SGH-T999V, SHV-E110S, SHV-E120Okay, SHV-E120L, SHV- E120S, SHV-E140Okay, SHV-E140S, SHV-E150S, SHV-E160Okay, SHV-E160L, SHV-E160S, SHV-E170Okay, SHV-E170L, SHV-E170S, SHV-E210Okay, SHV-E210L, SHV-E210S, SHV-E230L, SHV-E230S, SHV-E250Okay, SHV-E250L, SHV-E250S, SHW-M110S, SHW-M250Okay, SHW-M250L, SHW-M250S, SHW-M340S, SHW-M380Okay, SHW-M380S, SHW- M440S, SHW-M480Okay, SHW-M480S, SHW-M480W, SPH-D600, SPH-D700, SPH-D705, SPH-D710, SPH-D720, SPH-L300, SPH-L700, SPH-L710, SPH-L720, SPH-L900, SPH-M580, SPH-M830, SPH-M900, SPH-M920, SPH-M930, SPH-M950 Ideas: Not all model with full function supported, every model supported function examine replace logs please!!! # HTC / Assist Fashions & Options: HTC options: – Studying full info – Flash by way of fastboot or SD replace (bootloader) – Take away display lock w / o usb debugging, want root, do not misplaced userdata (assist re-lock) – Unlock / Relock Bootloader with one-click – GoldCard Generate with one-click – Auto attempt to root when operation want rooted – Downgrade flash (rooted) – App2SD – Manufacturing unit reset HTC fashions: Amaze 4G, Aria, Chacha, Need, Need C, Need HD, Need S, Need V, Need VC, Need VT, Need X, Need Z, Dragon, Dream, Droid Eris, Droid Unimaginable, Droid Unimaginable 2, Droid Unimaginable 4G LTE, EVO 3D, EVO 4G, EVO 4G LTE, EVO 4G +, EVO Design 4G, EVO Shift 4G, Explorer, Hero, Hero S, Unimaginable S, Encourage 4G, Legend, Magic, Magic, Merge, One S, One V, One X, One X +, One XC, One XL, One XT, Raider 4G, Rezound, Rhyme, Salsa, Sensation, Sensation XE, Sensation XL, Tattoo, ThunderBolt 4G, Tianxi, Tianzi, Vivid, Wildfire, Wildfire S, myTouch 3G Slide, myTouch 4G, myTouch 4G Slide Ideas: Not all model with full function supported, every model supported function examine replace logs please!!! 1 Finest Sensible Instruments (BST) Dongle:. 1pcs 2 BST PCB Adapter:. 1pcs three BST Cables set:. 6pcs> P1000-USB, Micro-USB, R150Okay UART, R523Okay UART, R619Okay UART, Samsung Jigs Consideration:. Product image, packing checklist and many others is for reference solely Any change with out prior discover!

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